Mirasadijewels campaign

Hey guys! It feels very weird to write here again… But here I am. The idea of blogging has kept following me… forever, I guess, haha. I had this blog from such a long time already and I keep neglecting it, but always somewhere back in my mind wanted to come back here. Hopefully this time, I come back for good! Let’s see ­čÖé

Meanwhile, you can look at pictures of my latest jewellery campaign. Yes, I do model again. Somehow after my university graduation the fear of getting a real adult job was too big and I entered the modeling path again, but I believe now it’s really different. I live in London and it happened to be one of the main fashion cities, so I work here a lot. I finally don’t have to call myself a new face anymore, now modeling is really my job. And after 8 years of this journey, I’m finally strong confident women, who really knows how things work in this industry and everything is much much easier… It was worth growing up, I guess.

Enjoy! x





Pictures were taken by extremly talented Zuzia Zawada

Makeup and hair done by Reve Ryu

Nails (needed a lot of care indeed) by Liga Tukmane


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